Insurance for Caterers

Most caterers start out with a dream ….a dream born from the love of cooking and baking, and their desire to share their delicious dishes with more than just friends and family. Ultimately many have eventual intensions of opening a restaurant, but some are happiest operating a catering service or lunch truck.

Caterers liability insurance(s) can be simple or complicated.

For example, if you’re a larger business (with employees) you will need:

  • General liability insurance
  • Liquor Liability (recommended if you serve alcohol)
  • Commercial auto insurance for the delivery of food.
  • Hired and non-owned auto if an employee uses their vehicle to run an errand or deliver food. (This covers the liability side should they get into an accident while driving on business for the company.)

For a small catering business you may only need:

  • General liability and
  • Commercial auto if you make deliveries.

We have a variety of insurance markets for all coverages above. If you fry or cook on premises, your general liability insurance coverage would most likely come from a surplus lines carrier. If you operate a catering service that uses a commercial kitchen to bake cakes for example, I can get you covered with carriers such as The Hartford or Travelers.

I recently worked with one of my favorite clients, Rancho Rocke BBQ & Catering. His business growth (and the demise of an old truck), brought about his need to find commercial auto coverage for his new lunch truck! Not all carriers write lunch trucks due to the cooking/frying on premises combined with food delivery, but I found him a great price! In fact, if you’re interested in his services, here’s a shout-out…check out Rancho Rocke BBQ & Catering.

Perhaps you’re looking to combine services for an event? Act as a referral for each other? Or simply get his next lunch truck location via twitter!

Hmm, this is making me hungry, wish I had some BBQ about now!

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