From small dispensaries and smoke shops, to growers and manufacturers, we’ve got you covered! We have access to insurance programs that can be packaged to offer you better coverage at lower premiums for General Liability, Products Liability, Property, Crops, and Professional Liability. Simple general liability policies start at a minimum annual premium of $500. Options offer coverage for:  Cultivation (Indoor, Outdoor and Greenhouses)  3rd Party Processors / Harvesters  Manufacturers  Wholesale/Distributors  Retail  Management offices  Landlords  Smoke Shops  Garden / Hydroponics stores Email me at or call 1-877-257-1652 to obtain the appropriate application(s) for the coverages you need. Once completed, we’ll get your applications to underwriting for review and quote. Most quotes available in less than 2 business days from receipt of completed applications.

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